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Ron K
in the last week-
-Great People…Travis is Terrific. The installers could not have been bettter. They all know what they are doing and the systems that they installed are working perfectly!!
Brian P
in the last week-
Quality Water did a great job with my well. The guys are relentless and did not give up where most companies would have called it quits. Highly Recommended!
Jackie S
2 months ago-
My Water in Canfield was so hard that we were replacing toilets almost every year. We Also had serious issues with our appliances. Thanks to a new water softener and reverse osmosis we have the best tasting and cleanest water in the Mahoning Valley!!
in the last week
Everything was great from start to finish. Travis was very friendly and helpful. He thoroughly looked over everything and explained things in terms I could understand. He even went outside his normal job description to help me move a couple of things. I had a delivery of a washing machine and Dishwasher sitting on my back patio waiting to be brought in the house. He offered and helped me bring them into the house and also helped remove the old ones out to the garage. Not only did he help with that, he also helped me carry a Heavy old 100lb toilet out to my garage. His help was very unexpected but immensely appreciated. I offered him a few bucks for his trouble but would not take it. That man is truly an honest hard worker. After his inspection he got to the root of our water problems and suggested we install a chlorination system to kill the bacteria and a carbon filter to filter out the excessive minerals/ sediment. His quote was quite fair so we decided to have him come back next Thursday to do the work. I highly recommend this company for everyone in need of water/ well treatment/ dig. The phone staff, up to it’s technicians are top notch and will absolutely go the extra mile to make the customer happy.

“Came out to my house and fixed water line, very happy with how things came out and will definitly be using Quality Water Systems and R & S Drilling in the future!”
– Tim A

“So glad I called Quality Water Systems and R & S Drilling, my water is amazing and the guys did a great job, I will be telling all my friends and family about my wonderful service!”
– Vivian C

“We want to thank you for completing our well drilling so we can close on our house. Thank you for all your extra long hours!”
– Carrie B

“Please let everyone know that Mari and I are very happy with the final outcome of the project. Thank the guys for taking the time to make sure after the well is drilled that my landscaped look clean and organized. Also thank Matt for his great installation of our new water system”
– Jud R

Thanks for following up on my situation. We got my system up and Running! Matt and Steve are Awesome. I appreciate you getting back to me!

-Joe B

“Travis just wanted to pass along that Steve and the guys did a great job at our facility durning our recent well upgrade. Very professional, coureuos, knowledgeable and stayed with the job until complete. Couldn’t ask for better service!”
Paul W

“Travis was very informative! He explained all the procedures as they went along. He watched the crew and they were eager and professional. I highly recommend this company!”
Suzanne B

“We received some of the best customer service that you rarely see in this day and age. I had no water in my home and placed a service call about 10:00 AM which was answered promptly. Within an hour time Travis was at my front door- checked everything out thoroughly and quoted us an estimated cost. We gave him the OK and he assureed us barring any unforeseen problems we would have water by the end of the day. The installation employees arrived around 2:30 and by 5:00 PM all equipment had been installed and tested and water was once again flowing in our home! All of the work and employees were very professional from beginning to end. A Big thank you to Travis and the crew from 2 seniors who truly appreciated the oustanding service we received!”
– Carolyn D.

“Very Helpful, informative and professional. No complaints here only praise!”
– Michael S.

“We used Quality Water Systems a few weeks ago to service our well they were very professional! We intend to use them for yearly maintenance!”
– Richard M.

I used to run out of water all the time! Not anymore! Quality Water Systems came out and rehabilitated my well! It was amazing to see how they do it! They saved me thousands of dollars!! I highly recommend Quality Water Systems and R & S Drilling! if you are looking for a company to fix your water look no further than them. Very Happy Customer here!!

 -David C.



Who We Are

At Quality Water Systems and R & S Drilling we are the Experts in Water Well Drilling and Water Treatment Service! For over 40 years we have been the largest water company in the Tri State Area with the best service! We are your one stop shop for all your water needs. With Bottled Water Delivery, Water Treatment technicians, 24 hour well pump service and Water Well Drilling. We have the latest with down hole well camera inspections to give you a peace of mind to see what is really in your drinking water. Our Technicians are constantly trained on a weekly basis to make sure you get the best customer service you ever had! We are committed to treating you like part of our family!

Did you know that at Quality Water Systems and R & S Drilling that we can help get your house sold! We work with Realtors and For Sale By Owners every day to make sure that your home will sell before you close on your house! Don’t wait till the last minute before you go to close on your house. The first thing to do once you have agreed to work with a realtor make sure you have your water tested from a state certified lab for bacteria.

Did you know that at Quality Water Systems and R & S Drilling we also have a drive up service so you don’t have to load that heavy bags of salt and bottled water in your car! If you want us to deliver it to you our friendly receptionist will set you up on our route delivery and we can take it right to your door!

At Quality Water Systems and R & S Drilling you are like family and this is why we have so many return customers for over 40 years!

Thank you for making us the Best of the Best!

Service Areas: Ohio, PA , West Virginia


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