Why We are different?

: Our company is your one stop shop for all your needs! From the start of the well, installing your well pump, and treating the water, we even deliver your salt right to your door!

Services Include:

1.) Water Well Drilling- Are Wells are drilled with steel casing to provide you with the best quality of well you can have!

2.) Well Pump Installation and excavation- We install submersible pumps and jet pumps, we then run the water lines and electric to your home. After that step is installed we install a fiberglass pressure tank so you don’t have to worry about your pressure tank rusting!

3.) Water Treatment- The analysis is done after the pump is installed and we can get an accurate test of the water right from the well after the well is drilled. It is important to know that the well should be ran over the well to get an accurate water test result so you know for sure what the well treatment should be.

4.) Bottled Water and Salt Delivery- We deliver 5 gallon bottles of spring and distilled water right to your door. We also deliver softener salt and safety salt as well. You don’t have worry about lifting those heavy bags of salt down your basement! Let us take the heavy lifting away and we can do it for you!


YOUR LOCAL WELL DRILLING EXPERT FOR OVER 50 YEARS! Financing Available up to $30,000 12 months same as cash!!! No early Payoff Fee!!       THANK YOU SALEM FOR VOTING US “BEST OF THE BEST” IN WELL DRILLING!  LOWEST PRICES IN OHIO FOR WELL DRILLING Well Drilling We specialize in water well drilling for […]


YOUR LOCAL WELL PUMP COMPANY FOR OVER 43 YEARS! NEW PRODUCT CONSTANT WATER PRESSURE!! Jet Pumps: Shallow Well JET PUMPS   Why choose us for your well pump needs? Check out our Camera!!    

Water Treatment

YOUR LOCAL WATER QUALITY AND FILTRATION SYSTEM EXPERTS FOR OVER 43 YEARS! HEALTHIER, BETTER-TASTING WATER AT HOME There is nothing like water to quench your thirst. While 90 percent of U.S. water systems meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) standard for tap water quality, the water that comes out of your faucet may still taste […]

Bottled Water and Salt Delivery Service

 BOTTLED WATER AND SALT DELIVERY Phone 1-800-332-9462 WATER SOFTENER SALT  We offer prompt delivery service, min. of 5 bags We carry 40 lb  Red Out and Regular Salt We will carry them in, fill the salt tank, and place the extra bags where you want them BOTTLED WATER We offer prompt delivery We carry 5 gallon premium […]

Well Cleaning

$100 off on Well Cleaning Today!!!!!! before well cleaning     At Quality Water Systems and R & S Drilling we recommend cleaning your well every five years. Thousands of wells do not have liners in them and what happens over time the well fills up with sediment and also can shut the water off. […]